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Here are some of the results my clients have got:

  • $900,000+ from a launch I led (our goal was half that)
  • $100,000/year in recurring revenue from an online course we sold out in 2.5 hours
  • $222,000+ in 6 months from a single upsell page
  • $60,000 and 100 new customers in a weekend from a cold traffic funnel

And here’s what I can do for you…

1) Copy critique/coaching (one-hour)

We’ll hop on Skype for an hour to go over your emails, sales page — whatever you need.

You’ll find out what’s working and what to improve. (Normally it’s just cutting, rearranging, and rewording.)

If you prefer to use that time to brainstorm your “Big idea”, hooks, or work out your overall launch strategy, we can do that as well.

You’ll get a recording of the call and a summary of my notes afterward.

2) Case studies of your successful customers

You’ve got incredible case success stories, right?

Maybe it’s time others got to see them.

So they can see you’re the real deal. And get hard-proof your product will work for them.

I’ve got a formula for creating case studies that get your readers going “If they can do it, so can I!”

You can use them as a lead magnet to attract readers. Sprinkle them throughout your launch. And unload them during your cart open sequence to close more sale.

3) Long-form sales page or VSL

I’ll tell your story to ramp up sales without being obnoxious and salesy.

4) Webinar (script and/or slide deck)

Yep, I’ll do both.

But you’ll need a designer to make the webinar deck pretty.

5) Email Indoctrination sequence

Build know, like, and trust and get them eager to buy your product before you offer it.

I use a soap opera sequence to tell your story. And mix in key lesson to make it valuable so the readers want more.

6) Full PLF-style product launch

I’m one of those weirdos who likes to dive deep into research. And get to know you, your audience, and your product better than a college kid knows the chorus of “Don’t Stop Believing.”

So PLF-style launches are fun for me. (We could also do a launch that uses a challenge, those work great, too.)

I’ll spend 1-2 weeks researching your audience, offer, and you. This includes a call or two with you you to get your story. And calls with your audience to find those deep-rooted fears and desires that make

Then I’ll write the whole launch for you. (The whole process takes 6-8 weeks so plan ahead!)

And if you want to layer a Jeff Walker PLF style launch with the Ask Method, then I like you already. Let’s do it.

7) Cold traffic funnel or ASK Method funnel

Want a soap opera sequence that builds trust and desire? Then leads up to a webinar that closes that sale?

Or an ASK funnel to convert cold traffic?

Well then…

Interested in working together?




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