Buyer Multiplier

This will save you a ton of time, money, and frustration when it comes to copy:

They Buyer Multiplier system lets you get a high-converting copy fast — without shelling out a terrifying amount of money to a copywriter.

It gives you almost all the stories, proof, and copy you need for any marketing campaign.

And it shows you exactly how to take the words from your customers to create emails, landing pages, sales funnels, FB ads, and much more.

With it, you can pay a newer writer for $30/hour and they’ll give you something on par with a writer who charges 10X that amount.

Here’s a quick breakdown this system and how it works:


I created this system to help entrepreneurs who have become the “bottleneck” for copy. They needed a way to free up their time without having to shell out a ton of money to some outrageously expensive writer.

It’s also great for CMO’s and Marketing Directors. Because it ensures you get great copy no matter who you hire.

Here’s how it works:

I discovered that the in-depth case study interviews I do gave me a ton of valuable information that went way beyond the case study. After doing a handful of these interviews, I could create for my client a Messaging Book that covers:

  • Product positioning
  • Avatars
  • Hidden reasons customers choose you over the competition
  • Customers’ core pains, desires, objections, “ah-ha” moments — and the language they used to describe all that.

With this, you and your writers know exactly how to talk to your customers. You’ll know what parts of your product/service to focus on and what language to that will connect with your customers.

That became part 1 of the Buyer Multiplier system. Part 2 is even cooler.

Because when you have 5-10 case study interviews (each an hour long), you have a goldmine of quotes and stories you can use all over your marketing.

The second part of this system is creating a “Copy Goldmine”. This is a sheet that organizes the quotes and stories so you or your writers can easily pull from them to create awesome copy.

But that still isn’t the best part…

The third part of this system includes proven templates and examples you and your team can use to write copy. This way, writers can just “copy and paste” quotes and stories from the Copy Goldmine. And they can instantly create great emails, ads, funnels, headlines, and more. (These help a ton for sales pages/webinars as well.)

I created this was for a very successful soloprenuer. This was the response I got:

Want to use the Buyer Multiplier for your business?

If you’re interested in getting this going in your business, so you can:

-Crank out high-converting copy fast

-Get writers up-to-speed and writing great copy  for you (for a fraction of what you’d pay someone like me to write it all)

-Optimize your funnels, load them with proof, and hit the right emotions using your customer’s language

…Then click below to fill out an application form.

Getting this system set up does take work. I only have space to help 4-5 business a year with this. If you’re interested in being one of them, click below to fill out an application.

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