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What is your single BIGGEST Challenge when it comes to writing copy for your products or services?

(Be as specific as possible. For example, instead of writing, “It’s not working”, you can say, “My copywriting sucks and isn’t helping with product sales at all, no matter what I write!”)

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“Fantastic! You made it come alive…it jumped off the dry paper…even I want to take this program. You captured the essence (passion) of our hour conversation…brilliant!”

Tom Power
Family/Couples Therapist

“There are three great product launch copywriters in the world — Brian is one of them.”

Ron Reich
former Director of Marketing for Ask Method

“Brian is my go-to writer... for just about anything. He's one of the few that really cares about creating truly great copy. Which is why he's been on some of the most-converting launches I've been a part of.

He makes connections in unique ways, lives for feedback, and has fresh takes to make stale copy shine. He's passionate about his work, and it shows.

He's also just a fun guy to work with, making even the most stressful launches lighter and more enjoyable."

Abbey Woodcock

“Brian is the man when it comes to writing Product Launch Content scripts… and he’s especially great at combining the ASK Method with PLF, which adds even more complexity to it.”

Navid Moazzez
Creator of Virtual Summit Mastery

“Brian is a pleasure to work with. Several of our launches would have come up short if Brian hadn’t gone the extra mile to make them work. He’s one to watch.”

Ryan Johnson
Head of Editorial, I Will Teach You to be Rich

Dream Copy: Discover how to ignite burning desire
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